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Active clay.
BENEFITS: Dual cooling effect.
- Relieves after workouts
- Tendiflex captures the heat created by the limbs and diffuses it into the air.
- Immediate benefit observed upon application
ADVANTAGES: Ideal texture.
- Very pleasant and easy to apply
- Easy rinsing
- Comes in 1.5 kg and 3.5 kg buckets
RAVENE’s recommendation: Apply a thick layer onto your horses limbs for an optimal result! You can combine the action of Tendiflex+ with that of Nutrilyte for reduced muscle fatigue and optimal recovery!
Method of use: Apply Tendiflex+ onto the legs after workouts in a sufficiently thick layer (at least 1 cm). Can be kept in the refrigerator. To help your horse recover more quickly, give it Nutrilyte to compensate for electrolyte loss and decrease muscle fatigue. Do not apply onto injured areas.
Composition: Kaolin, water, glycerin, boric acid, methyl paraben, tea tree essential oil and mint essential oil.

    HintaAlkaen 17,95 €
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