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Relaxes and soothes.
BENEFITS: The revolutionary efficacy of hyper-oxygenated oils.
- The combined massage action with Kinesyl helps preparation before exercise, as well as muscle relaxation after exercising.
- The benefits of eucalyptus and rosemary
ADVANTAGES: Ideal for massages.
- Tendons, muscles and joints
- Before and after workouts
RAVENE’s recommendation: Use Kinesyl before exertion, especially in cold weather and after sustained workouts.
Method of use: Apply KINESYL before and after workouts, directly onto the area to massage (limbs and back). Place a small quantity of balm in the palm of your hand and actively massage the area against the direction of the coat to help the product penetrate.
Composition: Glycerol triesters, essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary and maritime pine.

    16,95 €Hinta
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