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Repairing care for the frog.
BENEFITS: Fighting frog damage.
- Soothes and strengthens the frog
- Protects against moisture
- Eliminates odors
- Treatment or prevention
ADVANTAGES: Spray application for flawless frogs and intact hands!
- To be applied to frogs that are already wet or damaged
- Fast and convenient spray application
RAVENE’s recommendation: In wet weather, protects frogs with 1 to 2 applications a week as prevention.
Method of use: In case of damaged, soft and foul-smelling frogs, apply PEDICADE every day for a week, then reduce application frequency. As a preventative treatment, apply PEDICADE once a week onto frogs to preserve their integrity. Also to be applied on the bulbs.
Associated products: Between PEDICADE applications, apply PEDIFLEX fluid oil onto the frogs as well as the entire foot. Avoid ointments on a wet foot.
Composition: Dimethyl ether, ethanol, cade oil, rosemary, red thyme, eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils.

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